Week of March 25th-29th

  Curriculum News This week will continue with our discussion of folktales and fairytales. This week we will be looking a variety of stories from around the world.  Some of the stories will be ones that have been told for many years throughout the continents of Africa and Asia.    Students will get a chance to […]

Week of March 18th-22nd

Curriculum News This week will begin our discussion of folktales.  Students will learn the elements found in stories that put them into this category and will look at some well- known folktales that all children should know- The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, and Hansel and Gretel for example.  Then we will be taking a look […]

Week of March 11th-15th

2nd Grade Curriculum News                                                                                                                                                March 11th-15th                           Curriculum News This week we have begun our author study on Tomie DePaola.  Some of our time was spent getting to know this very popular children’s author who has written more than 260 books for children.  We have just scratched the surface […]

Week of March 5th-8th

Curriculum News    Over the next couple of weeks we will be spending our time getting to know a very famous children’s author named Tomie DePaola.  During our first week we will learn a bit about his background and where he gets some of his ideas for his characters and stories.  Then we will take […]

Week of February 25th-March 1st

Curriculum News     Students have had the opportunity to get to know a very brave woman named, Harriet Tubman.  This will give us the chance to take a look at several other books that help our students better understand how challenging and dangerous it was for slaves to even attempt the long journey towards freedom.  […]

Week of February 19th-22nd

Curriculum News     This past week has given us the opportunity to dive fully into our Reading/Literature Unit titled, A Long Journey to Freedom.  By now, students have been able to see how important our 16th president was in helping our country become a strong and united nation.  During the upcoming week we will be […]

Week of February 11th-15th

Curriculum News     After finally getting a full week “under our belt”, we are finally able to get back into our regular routine and make some progress! During our Reading/Literacy block we will continue to take a closer look at Abraham Lincoln and that period of time in which he lived.  Students will have a […]

Week of February 4th-8th

Curriculum News     Hopefully this upcoming week we will be able to be in attendance every day!  It would be wonderful because we have definitely fallen behind and several things that we started last week will be continuing with through the upcoming week!  This next week we will be able to finally begin our discussion […]

Week of January 28th-February 1st

Curriculum News     Because of the several snow days which we have been experiencing as of late, we will hopefully be trying to catch up on where we should be this upcoming week.  With this in mind, you will see a lot of repeats from last week but it is going to take us a […]

Week of January 21st-25th

Curriculum News     This week we will be wrapping up our unit on The Blizzard of the Blue Moon.  We will be doing a bit more writing with this and exploring the process of writing a fictional story and all of the elements that must be included when an author is writing this particular genre.  […]